The protests against the G7 summit 2015 are coordinated by the nationwide alliance “Stop G7 Elmau”. The alliance consists of numerous large and small organizations with different orientations and goals, such as globalization criticism, peace movement, ecology, anti-imperialism and labour unions. We meet every 2-3 months at campaign meetings (→ Events), to which all activists are invited. In between meetings we organize ourselves in fixed task-groups and communicate via public and internal mailing lists. If you would like to participate as a representative of an organization or as an individual, simply contact us – we need many active members to carry out successful, large-scale counter-actions. Diversity is our strength – however, racism, anti-semitism, chauvinism and related ideologies have no place among us.

Call for action

The call for action represents our joint interests and serves to mobilize further groups into a broad and strong alliance. It is therefore important and desirable, that as many organizations and individuals as possible sign the appeal and make a financial contribution. Please forward the appeal, link it and share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Events and task-groups on-site

Think globally, act locally! Time for outrage, involvement, networking! Support the resistance against the G7 summit in your local groups. Here are some suggestions for your local engagement:

  • Subscribe to our mailing lists, forward interesting information to your active members and spread any news on your own activities.
  • Form local alliances and task-groups against the G7 Summit and join our network.
  • Start your own events and campaigns, inform the local media and us.
  • Engage yourself in our task-groups. Lots of things can be organized via internet or phone, if you’re not living in Upper Bavaria.

We can give advice, support your local campaigns anytime, provide speakers and send out materials. Simply contact us!