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The Stop G7 Elmau website is available in German and English, just use the Language Selection link at the top of the right hand column to switch. While most of the fixed pages (reachable through the navigation menu) are present in both languages, most of the blog posts in the “News” section have not been translated into English. In order to read them you can switch to “Deutsch” and copy/paste them into an online translation service like DeepL. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Memo from the G7 Mobilization Caravan

For Life – Internationalism and Justice Instead of G7

The G7 can be understood as an image of global injustice and the continuation of oppressive colonial structures. The summit brings together the heads of states of the global north (Japan, France, Great-Britain, Italy, Germany, Canada, and the United States), where they deliberate on the crisis of the world and how to solve them. This year they do so under the German presidency, with the motto: „Fortschritt für eine gerechte Welt“, while excluding the peoples, that are affected most by the global crises of environmental destruction, recessions and war. It seems, the G7 are aware, that their economic and political power relies on the exploitation of countries of the global south.

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Stop G7 Elmau Press Info, April 7th, 2022

In December 2021, the German government announced that the 2022 G7 Summit will be held in Schloss Elmau from June 26 to 28. Thus, the luxury hotel in the Bavarian Alps will once again be the venue for the annual meeting of the heads of state and government of the G7 countries. As in 2015, numerous climate activist, OneWorld, ecological, capitalism-critical, anti-racist, feminist and anti-militarist groups and organizations are planning protests and actions against this summit.

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G7 Mobilisation Tour

Like 7 years ago, we are organising a G7-Mobilisation-Tour. For the duration of this tour, activists from the Global South will speak of their struggles – struggles that (almost) always are directed at multinational corporations or neocolonial politics of the bad governments. For this trip we are looking for groups all over Germany who want to host the activists and organise an event with them.

The trip will start on 6.06.2022 and we want to be out and about until the start of the G7 Protestcamp in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on June 25th, 2022. From June 25th to 29th we will be at the protest camp with the caravan, where we’ll curate a program-tent with internationalist topics. You can find more information under Actions > G7 Mobilisation Tour. The schedule of the tour will be published in the Events section.

First preparatory meeting for the actions against G7 2022

After several online meetings, representatives of the groups mobilizing for the protests against the G7 Summit 2022 met “live” for the first time in Munich’s EineWeltHaus on March 6, 2022. In a full-day alternation between plenary and group work, we have both developed positions on various topics and established organizational groups for camp, large-scale demos, decentralized actions, etc. A joint mobilization call is in the works and will be published here later this month.