Memo from the G7 Mobilization Caravan

For Life – Internationalism and Justice Instead of G7

The G7 can be understood as an image of global injustice and the continuation of oppressive colonial structures. The summit brings together the heads of states of the global north (Japan, France, Great-Britain, Italy, Germany, Canada, and the United States), where they deliberate on the crisis of the world and how to solve them. This year they do so under the German presidency, with the motto: „Fortschritt für eine gerechte Welt“, while excluding the peoples, that are affected most by the global crises of environmental destruction, recessions and war. It seems, the G7 are aware, that their economic and political power relies on the exploitation of countries of the global south.

A counter-proposal to this exclusionary gathering is the G7 mobilization caravan – a three-week tour through Germany in June 2022, where activists from the Global South will make their voices heard and mobilize to protest the G7 summit in Elmau, Bavaria (from June 26-28, 2022). The guests come from different regions of the global south: Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Western Sahara, Namibia, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Kurdish diaspora in Germany. They will join the caravan and tell the stories of their struggles embedded in emancipatory, socio-ecological and freedom movements, and the impact of the policies of the G7 countries on these struggles. The stories and experiences they will share, speak to the following subjects:

  • energy politics in colonial continuity: multinational corporations, NAFTA, fracking, wind energy
  • land grabbing, dispossession
  • freedom struggles; decentral and autonomous organization
  • feminist and workers’ struggles and organization
  • militarization

The mobilization caravan „For life … instead of G7“ has the following aims:

  • to make the stories visible that are ignored by the political and economic powers of the West
  • to show that the most affect peoples and areas (MAPAs) already have solutions to the crises
  • to connect the struggles of emancipatory, social-ecological and freedom movements of the world that propose an anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal and anti-colonial alternative to the status quo
  • to strengthen international solidarity between peoples

The current dates of the caravan are the following:

6.06. Bremen – 7.06. Hamburg – 8.06. Hannover – 9.-10.06. Berlin – 11.06. Leipzig – 12.06. Earth First Gathering & Dresden & Jena (tbc) – 13.06. Jena – 14.06. Kassel – 15.06. Dortmund & Lützerath (tbc) – 16.06. Bonn – 17.06. Marburg – 18.06. Frankfurt – 19.06. Karlsruhe – 20.06. Freiburg – 21.06. Stuttgart – 22.06 Würzburg (tbc) – 22.06.-24.06 München – 25.06. Demo München – 26.-27.06. Protest Camp Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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