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Global justice, not G7 – Climate protection, not armament

From June 26-28, 2022, the G7 Summit will convene in Elmau, Bavaria. The representatives of the richest and most powerful states in the world claim to decide the fate of the entire world. As a self-appointed group, however, they are not legitimized to do so. On the contrary, they weaken legit international organizations. According to Scholz, they want to be “pioneers of climate-neutral economic activity and a just world”. Yet they themselves forward global social devastation, inequality, climate crisis, environmental destruction and militarization. In most cases, people disadvantaged by patriarchy and People of Color are particularly affected. But it’s often exactly these people who, despite oppression, follow forward-looking paths and demonstrate possible solutions – also for the current major crises of climate, war and pandemic.

We stand for global justice:

Climate justice now!

The G7 countries carry the historic responsibility for the climate crisis. We must phase out fossil fuels because there is no infinite growth on a finite planet. But the main victims are the people in the Global South, who are deprived of their voice in G7 decisions. We therefore support their claim for a climate-debt swap. Impoverished countries must have their debts cancelled so they can leave their fossil resources in the ground and finance their transformation to sustainability.

People before profit

Neocolonial structures, which are also enforced by the G7 countries, prevent a sustainable, socially and globally just economy. We therefore need fair debt relief procedures as well as binding treaties on supply chains, climate justice and human rights. Trade agreements may only be concluded if they serve humanity and the planet.

Justice, not enrichment in the pandemic

COVID-19 is a potentially deadly disease and marginalized people need solidarity. The pandemic can only be overcome internationally and collectively, but the G7 countries are preventing necessary waivers of patents and technology transfer. Governments must protect people’s health and well-being, not only corporations. This requires good and fairly paid care as well.

Creating peace

We demand an end to armament, militarization and arms exports because these bring war, not peace. Imperialist states must be stopped. The attack on Ukraine, like other wars, is a crime and must be stopped. Historically, NATO, dominated by G7 countries, has promoted the conflict. We condemn all wars and stand in solidarity with all those who stand against war and exploitation and for social justice.

Solidarity with migrants and refugees

The G7 states are pursuing an inhuman policy of deterrence. Borders must be open for all people. There cannot be first and second class refugees. Access to education, work and health care is a human right. Families must be allowed to live together.

Food sovereignty, not agribusiness

We need a system change in agricultural and food policies: away from the ideology of growth pursued by the G7 countries to agroecology. Fighting hunger requires fair access to land, seeds and water as well as fair remuneration. Carbon farming, as the G7 wants to promote, only leads to greenwashing for corporations.

We are a solidary action platform of climate activist, OneWorld, ecological, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, feminist and anti-militarist groups. Come, join us, get involved in the diverse actions, demonstrations, debates and protests!

Days of action: June 6th-29th, 2022
GEKKO conference: June 17th-19th
Summit of alternatives: June 24th
Rally in Munich: June 25th
Rally in Garmisch: June 26th
Camp in Garmisch: June 24th-28th