Blockade Concept

The blockade concept

Our goal is to disrupt the G7 Summit and its preparations effectively with mass blockades. Our promotional period for blockades should therefore in the course of Saturday (June 6th) and begin to Sunday noon (June 7) go.
We make it a our blockades as long as we keep possible prepare yourself accordingly before (seating, meals (eating, drinking, drugs) for 24 hours (!)).
During the campaign we want to create a situation that is for all blocking transparent and in the eighth the action participants in solidarity with each other and supported each.
Pay attention to flags marked on the blockadefinger.

The Camps

We believe that our right to freedom of demonstration is preserved and we get a camp in the immediate vicinity of our demonstration route. Should this be denied us, we camp where we want to, then our camp is everywhere and therefore also our resistance prepare yourself.