Action consensus

Action consensus on joint actions against the G7 summit in 2015 in Elmau

We are a broad alliance of many sectors of society and have different political views, but we are united that we see the meeting of the G7 as not legitimate and organize a joint protest and actions against the summit.

In order to give our concerns emphatically, we will use various means.

This includes counter-summits, demonstrations, camps, rallies, public events, blockades and diverse interventions.

Police forces are trying this, to dissuade us from our projects but we do not focus on it, because our goal is the G7 summit.

Where possible we will police lines through or flow around.
Although we are an encounter with the police can not be ruled out, but we no escalation is taking as a basis.

During the campaign we want to create a situation that is for all blocking transparent and in the eighth the action participants in solidarity with each other and supported each.
We are our right to demonstrate and freedom of speech actively perceive and confront possible repressions together.
Through intimidation, possible demonstration and Camp prohibitions and legal persecution, we can not deter us.

We are in solidarity with all the forces which are directed with their actions against the summit and can divide us into different camps of anyone.
Participation of Rassist_innen, Faschist_innen, religious or Fanatiker_innen
other reactionary forces in this context, we will not tolerate.